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NanaSooo yeaa by askNanaria
NanaSooo yeaa
Hohoho this is freakin huge file
Wtf is wrong with me
But look at nana
Aint she cute?
So i'm going to try to be more active


Nana is a total sheep she loves to follow trends that are going on around her.
Plus she loves sweaters hence her favorite trend being the button up shirt under the sweater paired with the floral skirt.
After all, Nana's personality is very bubblegum sweet with a dash of conceited narcissist-ism but she still wants to be "sickly kind" but she cant really achieve that.Though she still tries to be cute like she once was.....a lonnngg time ago.
That bitch blushes on command. DAT SHIT AINT CUTE,IT'S A TRAP!
Alright just so y'all know, Nana be spittin some mad game.
She be up in her work cafe (which is mainly for villians) spittin some hardcore game at dem bad boys by actin all cute and junk
but honestly Nana aint got her head straight so she be breakin hearts cause she still ain't over two of her exes. Plus,home gurl don't even know who she like mo' so she mad hard to deal with.
Homegurl shouldnt even be datin
She got some messed up shiz goin up in dat dome, ya feel me? mkay.
Homeskillet be lovin them wedges and heels so she gains about 3 or 4 inches
even though she's 5'6 and doesn't even need extra height she loves how they make her legs look
Yay fluffy hair! Again! But dont worry it will alter. Mainly because i now know you can do tons of things with hair such as straighten it temporarily. OR PUT WEAVE IN IT.


askNanaria's Profile Picture
United States
Name: Nanaria Herd
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Orientation: Pansexual
Relationship: Promiscuous

Nana is a average girl; She is not royalty,she's not a hero or an adventurer,She is a farmer's sheepish daughter.

Extra info:
-She sings (Cause I said so)
-She clings to those who don't like her at first
-She naturally comes off as sweet and innocent on purpose.
-Though she acts shy she's actually very outgoing
-She's very sensitive about what her friends say about her
-She tends to make things more complex then they really are.
-She is VERY bratty
-Very obsessive of her lover's butt
-Can become extremely jealous
-Lives on her own
-She has a small obsession with babies though she isn't very enthusiastic about having her own.
- Has had a past relationship with a prince
-Very touchy about the subject of cheating
-Extremely stubborn
-Strongly against eating candy from the candy kingdom because she believes it is made of dead candy people

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